Coastal BizMaps

Putting your business on the map...literally.

What We Do

Coastal BizMaps is a family-run business located in Carolina Beach, NC. We are dedicated to promoting and increasing the visibility of the many small businesses in our community. Pleasure Island has so much to offer... not only to visitors, but to residents as well. Many know Pleasure Island as a vacation destination, but we are also a close-knit community with one of the highest percentages of full-time residents of all the beach towns in NC. Carolina Beach and Kure Beach, while separate towns, come together as one family.

Coastal BizMaps wants our island to thrive and our local small businesses to blossom and grow. There are many wonderful businesses tucked away on the island — businesses that we want to put on the map… literally.

By way of the Pleasure Island Map and the Go-To Guide, we highlight dozens of locally-owned small businesses that are ready and waiting to serve residents and vacationers alike. Be sure to pick up a map and thumb through our guide to see the diversity of options for dining, shopping, entertainment, and service that are available on Pleasure Island!

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